Axe Throwing Leagues

Summer Axe Throwing League Begin July 14th!


Green Bay Escape and Axe is happy to announce the return of summer axe throwing leagues.  We will begin our 8 week season starting July 14th.  Leagues and run through September 1st.

To sign up for our WATL Leagues, go to our booking calendar HERE  and click on our Tuesday Night League option.  The cost is $150.  You will pay in full online at the time of your reservation.

League Format

  • Open to all men and women over the age of 18.
  • Our axe throwing league will run for 8 weeks.
  • Leagues are held on Tuesdays
  • 7 - 9pm will be the first slot that we fill.  If we have more demand, we may open up more time slots
  • You will be allowed to have practice throws and warm up (be there on time or early). For the first 7 weeks everyone will get at least 40 competitive throws per night.
  • Your score for each throw will be tallied and recorded. This will ensure that we're not ranking you based on who you go up against, rather, your skills at hitting the bullseye to get top scores. They will then make it to the Championship Tournament in week 8 to determine the Axe Throwing League Champion!
  • ANY questions at all shoot an email to our Team Leader Amber. 

How to Sign up

  • Go to  Click on Book now, change date to Tuesday July 14th, and Click on Tuesday night Axe League.  Fill out info and pay in full.  


Home of the 2019 World Axe Throwing League Champion as seen on ESPN. No experience necessary - you'll learn, compete and have a chance to be on ESPN.



Winter 2020 Champion Todd Mueller

Our 1st ever league!  Thank you all for believing in us.

Wanna book a group* outside our normal operating hours?

No Problem Drop us an Email us at

A group minimum of 10 is required for off hours booking.  Thanks!