House Rules

Hello friends!

Interesting times!!!  We will do our absolute best to keep our facility as clean and safe as possible.  Things are constantly changing with the Covid pandemic.  We will adapt accordingly but safety is number one to us.  If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to email us at

A couple of important changes while we face the pandemic. 

  • We are only running only every other lane. 
  • We have also staggered our start times to limit exposure to other groups. 
  • We have removed all the stools at our bar area.
  • We have closed our lounge furniture area.   
  • We have hand cleaning stations available throughout GB Axe
  • Not Covid Relate but REALLY important - NO open toed shoes are allowed in our Axe Throwing lounge.  Toes and Axes don't mix!!!  🙂


open toed
House Rules Axe2