Preble High School Football brought out their entire program for some team building at Green Bay Escape.   Coach Gresen challenged over 60 players to work together while searching for clues, solving puzzles and celebrating success.  We truly believe there is no better team building program around. There is no physical limitations or requirements that might limit some people. Everyone has different talents and skills from the neck up that come to the forefront when they enter an escape room.

– Some people are very good with tactile / hands on puzzles
– Some people have great memories
– Others succeed with very technical challenges

– Some people can deduct things from color or other sight
– Organizational skills are super important to keep track of data as it is uncovered
– These are just some of the components of finding everyone’s strengths and making them feel important and engaged in TEAM SUCCESS.

Ideally, Green Bay Escape is able to handle about 25 players per hour in our 3 rooms. If your group is bigger than this.. no problem. While kids are waiting

they are welcome to bring pizza or other food and drink along and work on our Lobby Puzzles for some extra fun and relaxation.

Green Bay escape is located on Ridge Road just 3 blocks from Lambeau Field. If you have any interest in improving your team either at school or at work visit our website at Groups @ Green Bay Escape or email us at